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Marble Countertops: Beautiful, Elegant, and Stain Free

Marble countertops make an elegant, beautiful and stain-free addition to any kitchen. Marble has been used for centuries in buildings and homes as it’s nonabsorbent so spills don’t become stains on its surface. Marble is a natural stone that can be found in many different colors such as white marble, black marble, green marble and pink marble. Marble is a very durable material with the ability to withstand wear and tear which makes it perfect for use in high traffic areas like kitchens where spills are inevitable!

Marble is a beautiful and unique material since it has an organic grain and delicate variations. This is due to the porous nature of marble, which allows it to breathe and react quickly to changes in temperature. This makes marble a simple-to-maintain countertop option that will endure for decades if properly maintained. Marbles are now being utilized by people in their homes as a recent fad.

Marble has a lot of different and varied choice alternatives, and United Marble, Granite & Tile provides a wide range of selection alternatives in our showroom if you’re searching for something distinctive or variable for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. With all of these many variants available at a reasonable price, there’s something ideal waiting for you, regardless of the style that suits your preference.

Marble Vs. Granite

Marble and granite are both natural stones, but they have a number of differences. Marble is created by the metamorphosis or recrystallization of limestone deposits while granite is made up of minerals compressed over millions of years. The most noticeable difference between the two materials is their size and texture.

Granite is a relatively hard stone that is more durable than marble and has less susceptibility to chips and scratches. The surface of the marble is usually more gleaming than that of granite. Granite and marble countertops are highly long-lasting, but only marble is considered to be a natural substance, which might appeal to individuals searching for an ecologically responsible product.

Granite has larger grains with a wide variety in color that veins running through it while marble has smoother textures with a vein running through it that concentrates on color.

Bianco Lucca / Dolomite

Blue Lake / Dolomite

Calacatta Luce / Dolomite

Crystal Blue / Dolomite

Iced Creek / Dolomite

Matarazzo / Dolomite

Shadow Storm / Dolomite

White Venato / Dolomite